Coconut oil is currently a huge staple among people everywhere. While it has countless health benefits, I want to tell you about how you can use coconut oil in your everyday lives outside of cooking. I have been using coconut oil for well over two years now and I only have good things to say about this super-product. Coconut oil is relatively cheap, I buy mine at my local grocery store for around nine or ten dollars and it lasts for months. I know that some grocery stores don’t carry coconut oil, so if you can’t find it at your local store you can find coconut oil on Amazon (and it’s cheaper… View Post

I love taking something simple and making it better. Maybe that’s why I’ve been drawn to crocheting and crafting since I was a little kid. The idea of making something out of essentially nothing is so exciting to me, but I also love transforming things that I already own. Recently I attended a program in my dorm where we used sharpies to tie-dye T-shirts, it was super easy and the finished shirt turned out incredible! Unfortunately, I got there a little late and the remaining shirts were all much to large on me. Now I could have kept it as… View Post

A few weeks ago I saw some pretty intriguing pins circulating pinterest – before and after pictures of yellow to white teeth, with a picture in the middle that looked like somebody went face first into a pile of dirt. That in itself charmed me into clicking and seeing what it was all about. It told me all about the process of charcoal teeth whitening. What I read was that by opening these tiny capsules and rubbing the jet black powder around on your teeth and letting it sit a while, you’d end up with dazzling white teeth on your… View Post

I have a severe case of cabin fever. I want to go outside in shorts and a tshirt, wade barefoot through the creek in the woods, and stay out until the only light left comes from the fireflies. Too bad last night we got another two inches of snow. To offset my longing for spring by just a little I made purchase of some seeds and soil and I decided to start my own little summer from my bedroom. After purchasing lavender, cilantro, basil, and carnation seeds along with small little planters, I decided I wanted to do something a little fancier for… View Post

Like many little girls, I dreamt of growing up to be a disney princess. I most identified with the clever and sweet Belle, perhaps it was because of my big brown eyes and dark hair, or maybe it was because Beauty in the Beast would play in my house on a loop, so often that my brother begged my mom to name me Beauty. No, not Belle, just Beauty. Whatever it was, a small part of my heart truly believed one day somebody would discover my true identity and sweep me away to live in my castle. I’m a little… View Post