If you find this post helpful, check out my top packing tips for college students! Going into college freshman year is scary. Anyone who tells you anything otherwise is either lying or superhuman. It is fine to admit that you’re a little bit terrified of this brand new situation. Visiting somewhere where you know nobody is bad in itself, but when you’re being dropped off there and told “see you in three months!” you suddenly realize just how alone you are. I just finished up my freshman year of college and I have learned a lot. There is so much that I… View Post

When it comes to moms, I lucked out with a great one. One who came to every cross country and track  meet, curled my hair for my very first high school dance, and let me dress like this: With mother’s day approaching, I’ve been thinking about my pretty mama a lot (her birthday is right around the corner, too!) Unfortunately both fall on the week of my final exams so I won’t be there to celebrate with her. Instead I’m writing this letter to all you pretty moms out there, from the eyes of an almost grown daughter who was blessed with a… View Post

Normally, I like to write posts that can help all of you, my readers. Today I am writing a post to help me. For the past six months or so, my mind has been consumed with the thought of travelling. I want to go everywhere, I want to take it all in, and there are some people who simply don’t understand that. While most of my friends are worried about if they’ll be able to land a job after graduation, my mind keeps going back to the idea of travelling for a year before grad school. I’ve tried to explain… View Post

Crafting is one of my favorite hobbies, but it can be expensive. Yesterday I was trying to dream up what I could make without buying any extra materials, and the dreamcatcher hanging above my bed caught my eye. I looked at it closely and decided that it couldn’t be too hard to make, and I already had all of the materials on hand, except for the dreamcatcher’s outer ring. But after just a little brainstorming I decided that I could make that, too! After gathering up some twigs from outside I embarked on some experimental crafting, and much to my surprise not… View Post

Going into my freshman year of college I read countless buzzfeed lists telling me everything that I could ever need to know about college (not). I was told if I wanted to make friends then I had to rush a sorority, that if I wanted to fit in I had to drink, and if I started a long distance relationship with my boyfriend that I would regret it. (Spoiler alert: all were false.) I didn’t rush and I have made great friends (many of them who are in sororities and love it, but it just wasn’t for me), I don’t drink and no one has… View Post