Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls! Gather around because I have a very terrifying exciting announcement to make! I took the plunge, I bit the bullet, and I did something that I know I will absolutely regret remember as being a great decision. I am very eager to see if I am up for my newest challenge: I held my breath and signed up for NaBloPoMo. Help me! “But Morgan, what is that?” Well, kiddos, let me tell you! NaBloPoMo is national blog post month and it is hosted by BlogHer every month, but November is extra special because that is the ‘official’ NaBloPoMo and I… View Post

I tend to be a walking contradiction: Despite my life often being a mess (in the best way possible!) I have an affinity for all things organization. Planners, calendars, stationery and the likes. I just can’t get enough! So I’m sure that you can imagine my thrill when I was introduced to an amazing site called Minted. It is a stationery site powered by a global community of designers, meaning that you get a name behind the amazing designs, and you can easily access all of the designs by your favorite designer! Minted offers a lot more than just stationery. Looking… View Post

I was lucky enough to be able to spend last weekend in Chicago, and it was an amazing experience. I was all on my own and I got to explore the city uninhibited, I met amazing people, and I went on my very first ‘big girl adventure’ and I now anticipate many more! Over the course of my stay I was shuttling back and forth between the city and my cousin’s apartment right outside DePaul University. It was too far to walk, so I relied on Uber, a taxi-ing service that is much cheaper and more convenient than your typical taxi. And… View Post

This weekend I got to do one of the coolest things I have ever done. I took off on what I dubbed my ‘big girl adventure’ and rode the train up to Chicago (by myself!) to walk in College Fashion Week. I have so many interesting stories from the trip, so bare with me if this post is long! On the train I met a lovely woman named Rosemary, who told me she was 83. She had grown up in Chicago and told me all about her childhood there and gave me recommendations about must see locations, where the best food is, and on… View Post

As promised, I am updating my goals list so I can share my progress with all of you! If you missed my last post, I presented you with a list of my top five goals to accomplish during my sophomore year of college. I am about two and a half months in now, and thought this would be a great time to check in! Buy a DSLR and learn how to use it. So….I said this one would be done by October 13th, or three days ago. And I’ve run into a little bit of a roadblock with this one. I have… View Post