In the spirit of throwback Thursday, I decided to throw it all the way back to when I was in the fifth grade nine long years ago. To set the scene it was a beautiful morning in Hawaii (my family’s first morning there!) but it quickly went askew and will long be remembered as: That time I was a missing person. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Like I said, I was in the fifth grade which made me ten (and a half!) and my family took a trip to Hawaii. It was through my dad’s work so we had… View Post

I recently wrote a post on why I sit in the front of Uber cars, and in it I briefly mentioned that in the past I’ve dealt with social anxiety and awkwardness and I had a comment from someone wanting me to talk about it. Which, true to the theme of this post, makes me feel awkward. But I’m taking the plunge and doing it anyhow because if anything, I want to be completely transparent with you guys. With that said, by “you guys” I am referring to my online friends and if I know you in real life, well… View Post

With the winter coming, it is so much harder to get motivated to get up and get moving. Despite knowing how important staying active is, I would much rather stay in and hang out in the comfort of my own room. Luckily I recently got the opportunity to test out the ultimate compromise: Just Dance 2015. It’s a videogame that gets you up off the couch and dancing along to popular songs, new and old. I was super excited to try it out and even more excited to hear the tracklist! The songs were super fun and upbeat and relevant today,… View Post

If you follow a lot of blogs, you may notice some of them publish an income report. Despite that I have only been making any money at all for the past few months, I decided that I would start putting together a monthly income report as well. I struggled with this decision for a while, because I’ve always heard that it’s in bad taste to talk about money, but when it comes down to it I love reading income reports, I check Pinch of Yum everyday during the beginning of the month until theirs is up, and I honestly get so inspired… View Post

Transitioning from being a kid whose only responsibility involves passing Algebra to an adult expected to function in the real world is scary. I try to come off as calm, cool, and collected; but lets be honest here: I am terrified of growing up. Recently I’ve had all sorts of scary terms thrown at me like: renters insurance, GRE, and the dreaded business casual. What even is business casual? Tell me business and I think a pencil skirt and blazer, tell me casual and you’re lucky if I brush my hair. And now you expect me to combine them? Please. Unfortunately business casual… View Post