I spent the better part of last night facebook stalking other bloggers’ thirty by thirty lists. If you are unfamiliar with the idea, you just make a list of thirty things that you would like to do before you turn thirty. For me, thirty still seems so far away, I’m just a teenager after all! I thought instead I could put the pressure on and make a twenty by twenty list. I have a huge bucket list here, but I decided to narrow it down and come up with the ones I am going to give top priority to! I have about 7 months left before… View Post

So if you haven’t already noticed, I’m doing NaBloPoMo, meaning that I am posting every single day in the month of November. It’s been crazy if I’m being completely honest. But in a really good way, I feel motivated and pumped, not overwhelmed (yet!) I have a few things to thank for that: A handful of pre-written posts, a shocking amount of downtime the past few day, and my Google Calendar. This is the first month that I have ever completely devoted myself to Google Calendar, and let me tell you: It’s a game changer. I feel super organized, I don’t… View Post

Coming up with a skincare routine that works can be infuriating. Buying new products only to be disappointed is frustrating, and not seeing the results your friends are seeing can be disheartening. Luckily I’ve come up with my skincare routine that works for me, and perhaps you can draw some product inspiration from it, as well. My Skincare Routine (on clear skin days) Morning: Splash my face with cold water. A thin layer of coconut oil Evening: Remove my makeup Wash my face with a gentle cleanser Use my clarisonic (every other day) Use a thin layer of coconut oil I have… View Post

There are some treats that just scream Christmas to me: sugar cookies, peppermint bark, and toffee. I was home a few weeks ago which meant I had the luxury of using my kitchen, which is something I really miss while I am at school. The first thing I made is butter toffee, which is one of my all time favorite recipes. Toffee is a ridiculously easy thing to make, but it’s equally impressive. People always overestimate how hard it is to make, assuming you need a keen eye and special tools, but you don’t. Besides the physical ingredients all you need is… View Post

Personally I love buying gifts for people, but unfortunately my wallet hates when I do anything of the sort. Holiday shopping always requires careful saving and sales shopping to ensure that I don’t break the bank, but with the help of a site called Swagbucks, I’ve been able to stress a little less. I actually wrote about Swagbucks here, and I noticed that a lot of you signed up using my link, which is awesome! But then I realized that if so many of you are signing up, maybe Swagbucks would be willing to work with me so that I… View Post