I participated in this sponsored campaign for Palmer’s® Coconut Oil Formula on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. I’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks—if you don’t follow me on social media you might not know that I’ve been in New York for work since the tenth. I lived in New York for half of 2016, and to prepare for the trip I knew one thing: I needed to get my skincare under wraps. You see, my skin doesn’t play nice with the dirty, smoggy city air. My entire six months in New York were riddled with breakouts on bad days, but even my “good skin days” meant I was acne free, but my skin was still dry and dull. I’m not joking when I say it took months to bounce back from that after moving back to the fresh, midwest air. I didn’t want to reverse all of the work I’ve put into my skin, so I partnered with Palmer’s® and their Coconut Oil Formula line to maintain my skin and keep it bright. Of course, I didn’t want to focus on skincare alone, so I also was intentional about what I… View Post

  Maybe it’s just me, but summers aren’t complete without a good road trip or two. I’m lucky that I live a few hours from Chicago if I want to visit the city, and a few hours in another direction from awesome hiking spots and small town shops so I always have variety. Some road trips require a ton of planning and prep, but oftentimes they happen on a whim. A spur-of-the-moment suggestion from a friend in your group chat can unfold into a great adventure in just a few hours, and you’re going to want to be ready! Unfortunately, when things happen spur of the moment like that there will always be conditions that aren’t in your control. For example? You may find yourself on your period and wanting nothing more than to curl up with a rom-com and popcorn sprinkled with chocolate chips (sounds crazy – but I swear by it.) FOMO can be a beautiful thing, though, and you’ll probably end up popping your go-to period pain pill and pushing those lazy Sunday thoughts to the side because adventures with friends > wallowing in period pity. Road trip basics: the drive First things first, you need to… View Post

This post contains gifted items* and affiliate links** I don’t want to freak anyone out, but there is only one week left to shop for the leading lady in your life. That’s right, Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 14th. I win worst daughter of the year award and will be in New York on Mother’s Day (for work, not play) so I waited to publish until today – my mom’s birthday – and share some of the things I got her for her special day and some suggestions on other great things your mom would be sure to love. I was careful to include ideas to fit every budget so whether you’re a thrifty college student working part-time or an established career woman still happy dancing after your latest promotion, there should be something to fit your price restrictions. Mothers Day Gift Guide ECCO Sculptured Hobo Bag*   Maybe this one is a little selfish, but there’s no shaming in gifting your momma something that you’d want to borrow, too! Y’all know I love ECCO and this bag is no exception. My mom and I have pretty similar tastes in handbags except she prefers hers a little larger than I do, so I figured… View Post

When you work from home, everyday is casual Friday. It’s great working in jean and a tee-shirt (or lets be honest, half the time I’m in sweats) all day, but when last minute plans come up after work sometimes I wish I had a reason to get dolled up in the mornings so I’d be prepared for moments like those. Luckily, my friends and I are the opposite of Fancy AF and usually I’m able to make my jeans and tee combo work, and it’s not rocket science but I thought I’d share my go-to’s that I use to dress up my basics. Step #1: Shoes. Always shoes. Until recently, I’d never considered myself a “shoe” person. Honestly, though, I was in denial because I have a lot of shoes. With that said, I’ve never had a nice pair of tennis shoes. Sure, I have Keds and Converse but those are casual and really hard to dress up. My friends at ECCO sent me a pair of their Soft 7 Quilted Tie Sneakers and it was love at first wear. They are causal and comfy, but they are definitely more dressy than wearing my gym shoes out. Having a polished pair of tennis shoes… View Post

Summer is coming which means more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and planning fun adventures with friends. In the cooler months I have no problem sitting around and taking time to doll myself up before I go out but in the summer I tend to be out the door in fifteen minutes. Couple that with the icky-feeling of makeup mingling with sweat in the hot summer months and I tend to go for a no makeup makeup look most days from April to October. This is great because it gives me extra time in the morning and it gives my skin room to breathe. Speaking of skin, though, it’s important for me to be extra diligent about my skin care during this time because I do not want to feel the need to slather my face in foundation every day, so a good skin care routine is essential. I’ve made the switch to Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in- 1 Water Activated Cleansing Cloths because the 4-in-1 cleansing cloths are multi-tasking miracles. (A bit dramatic? Probably not.) They are water activated and textured with soft cleansing pockets to break up and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup. It serves the… View Post