Write for me?

Hey, y’all! I am officially open for guest posters and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve spent the past two years building a community around this blog, and it only made sense for me to allow the community to participate in the center of everything!

As you probably know by now, I am transitioning away from college blogging and moving more into writing lifestyle pieces catered to women in their twenties with an interest in health, self-development, fashion, and adventure.

If you’re interested in contributing a post, I’ll just have you go over the guidelines below, and then send me a pitch at morgan@mostlymorgan.com

The content guidelines:

  • Post length: Here at Mostly Morgan I’m all about long, informative post. Fluff is not my friend – posts should be at least 750 words long – bonus points for 1000+!
  • Tone: We are all friends here! I don’t want you to be writing like you’re going to be turning it in to your high school English teacher. Write how you speak, no need to be formal!
    • No swearing, please! Or at least keep it super minimal. I am a peaceful people and my language tends to reflect that and I like to keep a peaceful vibe here.
  • Have a Purpose: And put it in the subject line of your email. Tell me what your post is going to accomplish for our readers. Are you teaching young women money saving tips? Or maybe you have 6 unique ways to style a maxi skirt. Every post should have an actionable purpose!
    • Email Subject Example: Guest Post Pitch: Fast Food Hacks for Vegetarians
  • Provide pictures! You don’t have to take them yourself (bonus points if you do!) but all post should be submitted with high quality photos. If you’re using stock photography please use a commercial free website and give me the link. One vertical image and the rest horizontal, por favor!
    • If you can’t/don’t want to provide pictures I just ask that you send me a draft of your post 10 days before it goes live so I can figure out what pictures it needs and take/source them myself 🙂

Once I accept a pitch we will settle on a publish date and I’ll ask for your post 7 days in advance to account for any bumps because I know that life gets crazy 😉