As bloggers, we’re always celebrating silly and fun “national holidays” like National Donut Day or Batman Day with fun Instagram posts and themed round ups on our blogs. More important holidays often go ignored, though. Case in point: Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th.  While it didn’t come with photo ops like posing with pastry-shaped pool floaties, MH Day has a bigger mission and one that can actually make a change for the better. Every year on Menstrual Hygiene Day people come together to raise awareness of the challenges women and girls worldwide face due to their menstruation and highlights solutions that address these challenges As many of you may know, I’m a part of Tampax’s fEmpower network and it’s the most fulfilling role I’ve been able to take on as a blogger. This year on MH Day, I was able to team up with my Tampax Family and donate 40,000 tampons to Between Friends Chicago, a nonprofit agency dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence and building a community free of abuse.   To you and I, our periods might be an inconvenience. An annoying reminder that we need to pick up another box on the way home.… View Post

*This post has been edited, refined, and republished. Originally published in August 2014. Blogging has effectively changed my life in the best way possible. Starting a blog completely changed the trajectory of my path in the best way possible. Since starting a blog over three years ago I’ve had so many doors opened to me, from landing my dream job as a content marketer at a tech startup in New York City to being flown around the country for press events. And the crazy thing? Anyone can do it. When I started blogging I was a freshman in college and my posts were bad. Like, really bad. But time and practice helped me develop and ultimately I was able to establish a voice and content style that drew in readers, turning this blog into something bigger than I could ever imagine. Every week I get dozens of emails from people asking for blogging advice and wondering how they can start a blog in 2017 and I wanted to create the most thorough walkthrough possible to help anyone who is ready to get started on what may just be the greatest adventure of your life. Isn’t starting a blog hard? Nope, not at all! You… View Post

I interrupt your usual June travel–related programming to share an exciting update… I was interviewed on Live TV today! Locally, we have a talk show called Paula Sands Live that I grew up watching after school. Paula is as much of a Quad Cities staple as John Deere Headquarters or the Mississippi River is, so when I was invited to be on the show I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Paula Sands Lives features local people, events, charities, businesses, and everything in between and gives them a platform to talk about whatever it is that they do. Blogging isn’t as much of a thing in the Midwest as it is on the coasts, and so the team was interested in hearing about my blog, how I got started, and how I grew. If you’re interested in watching the segment, it’s only a few minutes long and not nearly as awkward as I feared it’d be: Now, if I were to have to describe my weak points, they’d be that I can tend to be a bit socially awkward and soft spoken, so this was waaaay out of my comfort zone. In fact, my stomach was in knots for days leading… View Post

I feel like whenever I travel there is a battle between wanting to experience all of the things while still saving all of the money. Trips and adventures are a good way to go broke if you’re not careful—between trying new cuisines, spending money on experiences, and having the general ‘treat yo’self’ mentality of vacation, it can get a bit pricey. I try to save money where I can without missing out, and here are my favorite travel resources I have used to make my vacations awesome without breaking the bank. Skyscanner I’ve talked about Skyscanner in the past, and I won’t use any other platform to book my airline tickets. Skyscanner let’s you input your travel dates (or travel month if you’re flexible on when you’ll go) and you can see how much each airline costs on those dates. Plus! They share a ton of travel tips on their website and I feel like I’m constantly learning something new. If you’re looking to book trips on the go (or dream up your next vacation during your commute!) download the Skyscanner app here. Airbnb We’ve all heard of Airbnb on every travel resource post ever at this point, but still some people… View Post

Solo travel sometimes carries certain risks and dangers that you don’t experience when traveling with a partner or a group. Some of these risks are innocent misfortunes, such as getting lost in a new place with no battery on your phone, while others may be more sinister, like being targeted because you’re alone. Whenever I’m getting ready for a solo adventure, I’ve got no less than 7 people (you now who you are, love you) concerned that I, a 21–year–old, somewhat naive–looking, female is traveling alone. And I’ll be honest, the first few times I travelled alone I was scared and I have ended up in a few scary situations in my day. With that said, I am no longer have any reservations about traveling solo, and scary situations have been few and far in between ever since I’ve gained some experience. Awkwardly making this a fashion post, too, because I love the pictures I took in New York in May! Before we get started, let me say: Welcome to a new series on the blog, Morgan Meets the World! I’ve always been passionate about travel, but now that I’ve grown up and have the resources to actually do something about it, I’m ready to… View Post