This content is sponsored by Olay. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As far as skin goes, I’ve always been pretty lucky. I get hormonal breakouts on my chin, and I have some gnarly dark circles that have existed since I was born (thanks, genetics), but my real skin woes come in the form of dry skin. It could be 80 degrees and humid, and I’ll still probably have chapped lips and dry under eyes if I’m not keeping on top of my skincare, but in the winter, the problem is elevated. Fun fact: Our skin starts to feel… View Post

This post is written in collaboration with Modsy. All opinions are my own. I moved into my dream apartment a few months ago, furnished it with the necessities, and then kind of lost motivation. Once I got my desk and my couch and my TV and a few decor pieces for good measure, it felt done enough that I didn’t have that same drive to constantly check Goodwill for new furniture pieces or peruse the home decor aisles of Target in an obsessive manner. Despite my lack of fervor in completing the decorating process, I’ll be the first to admit… View Post

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been off to the greatest start with publishing here on Mostly Morgan in 2018. Instead, I’ve been focused a lot on self-care. If you read teen magazines or spend any time on Pinterest your idea of self-care might be different than mine. You’re likely imagining me doing yoga, taking bubble baths, lighting candles, and meditating. While all of the above are legitimate ways to practice self-care, they can also be impractical when you’re busy and stressed. Self-care can mean a lot of things, and what works for one person doesn’t have to work for you. Personally?… View Post

Established bloggers make it look easy. They are bouncing emails back and forth with 10 different companies who are dying to work with them all while sipping an #InstaWorthy matcha latte and admiring their perfect gel manicure. A lot of bloggers are lost, though, when it comes to working with brands. They see other people doing paid collabs with brands that they could only dream of, but figuring out how to land those collaborations, how much to charge, and how to build a positive relationship with brands is where things get tricky. Luckily for you, I’ve been doing brand collaborations… View Post

Hair has always been a “the grass is always greener” type thing for me. I was born with fine, stick straight hair that doesn’t hold any style for more than a few hours. My best friend on the other hand, has wild, curly hair that’s full of volume but won’t ever lay the way she wants it to. And we always wanted to trade. Fortunately, in lieu of swapping ‘dos, we both learned how to best manage the hair we had. Me? I figured out that my hair was only ever going to cooperate if I had the right tools… View Post